St. Stephen offers a Christ-centered education, with God's Word as the foundation for all our learning.  Whether it is our daily study of Bible stories or exploring our wonderful, complex world through our academic curriculum, we never lose sight of what God tells us in His Word.  We marvel at the world God has created for us and we encourage the students to use the gifts God has given them.


Our school's goal is to share the message of Jesus Christ from God's holy Word, the Bible.

The Bible says...
  • God loves and cares for us.
  • God sent his only Son, Jesus, who saved us from sin.
  • God will give his believers everlasting life in heaven!
           Knowing this, we live with a firm confidence and clear purpose.


Christian Elementary School    
We offer a complete elementary education for children from kindergarten through eighth grade.  Our students receive personal care from well-qualified, divinely called WELS educators.  Children learn all the essential subjects in the light of God's timeless Word.  Children who graduate from St. Stephen's can be sure that they have met the proper academic requirements to enter the net level of education.

 Plus, we offer:
  •      Year-round interscholastic atheletics programs for both boys and girls
  •      Gymnasium
  •      Technology in every classroom
  •      Academic competitions
  •      Music
  •      Scheduled hot lunches
  •      Excellent facilities
  •      Bus Transportation (limited)

Christian Kindergarten             
    All-day kindergarten instruction is offered on Monday-Friday.


It can be difficult today to teach Jesus' little lambs what they need to know.  We can help...

One thing is needed
Our children need to know God's Word (see Luke 10:38-42).  At St. Stephen, we teach God's pure Word every school day.  We not only prepare children for life in this world; we use God's means to prepare children for eternity!

We aim to base everything on a clear understanding of the saving gospel.  Though all have sinned, God sent his only Son to save the world (see John 3:16).  Our school is centered around the good news that we are saved by grace, through faith, in Jesus Christ alone.

All teaching at St. Stephen is based on the Bible.  If science or current theories conflict with the Bible, the Bible is always correct.  Bible teaching is not merely an addition at our school; it permeates all instruction.
All teaching at St. Stephen is in accord with Luther's Small Catechism, which correctly summarizes Scripture.  We confess God's Word in unity with the Wisconsin Synod (WELS).


Members of St. Stephen Evangelical Lutheran Church
We warmly encourage all members to make use of our school, so that children may grow in faith and knowledge, drawn ever closer to Jesus, our Savior.

Members of other WELS churches
We invite and warmly welcome our brothers and sisters in Christ!  We are privileged to assist in educating children from our sister congregations.

Non-WELS families
St. Stephen Evangelical Lutheran School is part of the ministry of St. Stephen Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Its primary purpose is to provide Christian education for children under our spiritual care, or from congregations in fellowship (doctrinal agreement) with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).  St. Stephen also seeks to do mission work by serving families who may be interested in the Word and Sacrament ministry of St. Stephen Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Non-WELS children may be enrolled if

  1. The parents agree to complete the Bible Basics 101 class within one year;
  2. The children are willing to be instructed and will not oppose or undermine the Scriptural teaching offered in our school;
  3. The Board of Education approves, reviewing each case at least annually.